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Blogging is a learning process, and a huge part of that process is making mistakes, picking yourself up by the bootstraps, and trying somethin’ else.

On that note, I have to admit that I bit off more than I could chew with Protein Fridays.

Irritable Bean Syndrome

I feel so strongly about the importance of protein for woman, and I want a way to convey this on a regular basis. However, I’ve found that trying to come up with a different vegetarian protein source each week that I am knowledgeable about will be nigh impossible. I also don’t have enough control over my schedule to know that I’ll have time to complete such a post at the level of quality that I demand :).

But I won’t admit defeat! Protein Fridays don’t need to disappear, they just need a makeover.

The bottom of my fruit bowl yesterday–from drab to fab! How beautiful?!

The daily protein requirement for the average adult woman is 46 grams.

However, this number can and should vary widely depending on your age, body type, activity level, fitness goals etc.

At 26, 5’9 and physically active, I need  1.5/2x the average requirement. (69-92 grams)

To determine how much protein YOU need, here are a few calculators/methodologies that I found online.

The New Plan:

Every Friday, I will research (to the best of my ability) and post  how many grams of protein I eat throughout the day, with several goals in mind:

  • Increase my awareness of my own protein intake
  • Motivate myself to reach the recommended amount each day
  • Document/be inspired by a variety of protein sources by reviewing my previous posts
  • Offer YOU ideas for ways to incorporate protein into your nutrition
  • Encourage YOU to reach your recommended daily needs and your general health/fitness goals!

It certainly won’t be an exact science, and there will be certain meals that I just can’t even guestimate, like my dinner last night (girls’s gotta LIVE people)!  But I’ll do my darndest to calculate as much as possible, and hopefully give you a sense of how much I’m takin’ in!

So here’s wuddigot for the first new and improved Protein Friday! [note: numbers are approximations based on my own online research]

Breakfast: 27.75 grams

  • Whole wheat English muffin: 6 grams
  • Chobani plain 0% Greek yogurt: 18 grams
  • banana: 1 gram
  • 1.5 tbs almond butter: 2.75 grams

Of champions, for champions

Lunch: 30.5 grams

  • Turkey sandwich with avocado, lettuce and honey mustard on multigrain bread: 28 grams
  • 1 c raw carrots, broccoli and peppers drizzled in pesto: 2.5 grams

‘Pologies this is such a close-up, not sure how it happened but I dove in too quickly afterwards to notice!

Dessert: 2 grams

Unreal brownie ordered from one of our Seamless Web restaurants. I promise I don’t eat brownies every day. Dark chocolate yes, brownie no. Just one of those weeks :).

Snack 1: 0

Granny Smith and cinnamon–foolproof deliciousness

Snacks 2 and 3: 12 grams (probably had about 2.5 tbs total)

Old as water, good as gold! Oat bran pretzels dipped in PB

Pre-Dinner Total: 72.25 grams!

Not too shabby, methinks!  The heavy hitters? My morning Greek yogurt, lunchtime turkey and pb globs.  Feels great to know that at this point in the day, I was already in my prescribed total range for daily intake! I’m actually pretty pumped to keep track of this at least once a week going forward.

At this point in the day, I took of my geek goggles and headed into the city with my sweet friend/coworker Emily for a girls’ night and sleepover! I made reservations for us at my favorite tapas restaurant in the city, Alta.

Work friends = best kind of bonus

The food, drinks and lively atmosphere have proven to be consistent and fantastic over my years in NYC, and I knew it would be a perfect place to take Em (coaxing her to move do it do it!).

Everything we ordered was delicious, per usual! Here’s what went down the gullet:

Signature dish and for a reason: Crispy Brussels Sprouts with fuji apples, creme fraiche and pistachios. This was Em’s FIRST time trying Brussels sprouts, and I got ‘er hooked!

House-Made Pizza porcini cream, Fontina, crimini mushrooms, fried garlic, aleppo

Lawdamercy, this picture doesn’t do this flatbread justice. I’d never ordered this before, but I’ll never dine at Alta without it again!

Whipped Deviled Egg vanilla scented tomato coulis, frisee, lemon omani, aleppo pepper

Avocado Relleno with crabmeat & shrimp, frisee, and orange segments

We also ordered the Braised Short Rib of Beef: Beet-Barbaresco taglierini, fresh grated horseradish, which I forgot to snap–it was good but didn’t wow.

Torija: Marcona Almond Croquant, Mandarin Sauce, Lebne sorbet and grapefruit air. I know not what any of that means, but the ice cream had cornflakes in it, and that’s all you need to know.

Molten Chocolate Cake. Because one dessert is never enough.

All of this goodness got washed down with white wine and their POTENT Ginger Mojito! Proceed with caution.

Emily and I had an absolute blast at dinner. This really is the perfect restaurant for a girl’s night. We briefly debating going out afterwards, but we were content and mojito food coma-ed out, so we headed back to my apartment and enjoyed a great night’s sleep!

Off to soak up some sun on this fabulously warm Saturday!

How do you think you do in terms of meeting your daily protein requirement?


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