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Happy Mother’s Day!!! I hope you all are as blessed as I am to have a mother that you respect and love as much as I do mine!

Speaking of mothers–guys, I was like a blinking baby coming into the world on this eighty-degree, crystal clear New York weekend!

I think they’re called shadows?

In the last few weeks, we’ve had a few scattered shots of sun and warmth, but nothing that felt and smelled like summer; nothing I trusted the way I trust a Summer day to keep its cozy arm around me morning through night.

This weekend a dead-ringer for the bliss that is summer and more, because of the sheer giddy NEWNESS of it all!

Before heading into the light on Saturday, I fueled up with a dee-licious breakfast:

Kodiak Cakes: I used almond milk instead of water, added 1/3 c cottage cheese and a dash of cinnamon, and smoothed out the mix with my immersion blender! Bananas and maple syrup to top it off. Spectacular!

I also reinstated my habit of covering any healing scars with band-aids before puttin’ my gams in the sun. Keeps the scars from darkening and staying dark.

The real question is, why would anyone buy normal nude band-aids when there are infinitely better options?

It’s generally a safe bet that I’m nursing some kind of injury, but currently things are a bit out of control. There are two other unpictured band-aids on my knees right now. My office swivel-chair is at the same level as my hazardously-sharp desk handles, and I haven’t yet learned to navigate the combination. Actually, yes I have. Elmo + Neosporin + Mederma.

On Saturday morning, I economized my time by doing 30 minutes of incline walking WHILE completing the arms portion of my Monster Strength Workout [can’t believe cap’n coordination pulled it off either]. Highly suggest!

Lunch was a picnic in Central Park with Audrey and Frances. Love that I even have a reason to use that word! PICNIC PICNIC PICNIC.

Auds, Frank and I soaked up rays AND each other’s company while we dined. The friend-luv didn’t cease when we parted ways though! At 5:45, I met Kathleen (in town briefly from Richmond) and her parents for an early dinner at DB Bistro Moderne. They had theater tickets for an 8 pm show, and I was more than happy to join them for a scrumptious early-bird special.

The food and service and Bistro Moderne were top-notch, and I enjoyed every bite of my meal! A few highlights:

Kath’s mom ordered the BLACK SEA BASS Tomato Confit, Roasted Artichokes Black Niçoise Olives, Lemon-Anise Emulsion Shaved Fennel

My MAINE SEA SCALLOPS Glazed White & Green Asparagus, Warm Herb Vinaigrette, Fumet Emulsion. Ever since Emporio, I’d been jonesing for scallops, and these did not disappoint!

Kath and I split this fantastic recommendation from our waiter: CHOCOLATE CARAMEL PALET Spéculoos Sablé, Caramel Fondant, Meringue Cherry Compote, Goat’s Milk Ice Cream.

We also received a complimentary order of warm, freshly-made Madeleines!

I had a leisurely walk home from the restaurant and spent the rest of the night relaxing and doing laundry (another seemingly incongruous combo that I managed to accomplish).

Sunny Sunday was just as lovely! It began with a coffee run to the Financier with Carina and another incredible breakfast:

Overnight Oats: 1/2 c oats, 1/3 c Greek yogurt, 1/3 milk, 1 tbs chia seeds–covered overnight; peanut butter, FROZEN bananas and cinnamon stirred in Sunday morning. Cool creamy heaven.

The next and most CRUCIAL order of business was a call to my sweet amazing mama on Mother’s Day :). My mom and I are quite close and she indulges many calls from me, but I was sure to get one in first thing today!

Soon thereafter, I joyfully found myself back in the park for a walk with my childhood AND current friend Laura.

Brothers Sisters from another mother!

Laura and I grew up together in Baltimore, and thankfully our lives have managed to coincide since :).

I said goodbye to Laura mid-morning to head home and get ready for a Mother’s day brunch at Dos Caminos Mexican Restaurant with Frances and her parents! Frances’s mom is basically my surrogate mother in NYC, and she graciously took me under her wing for some food and family time on this special day.

Forgot to snap pics so here’s a still life courtesy of the ‘net:

The coy avocado half really brings it all together.

Brunch was a blast and I can’t thank Frannie’s parents enough for including me.

Afterwards, I had to do a quick turnaround to head downtown for my final activity of the weekend–my 2nd volunteer sesh at Animal Haven!

But not before I indulged a monstrous craving for this NYC summer staple:

Vanilla cone: quick to eat, quicker to satisfy.

My 2nd time volunteering was another two hours of pure, stinky, noisy joy!

Left my heart with this lil’ guy.

I defy you to take yourself seriously when looking at a picture of a puppy with its tongue stuck out.

I concluded my Sunday with another luxuriously chill night at home, radiating heat happiness from the last two days!

As I think back on this weekend, I’m again that blinking baby, reveling in the love and beauty that I have been so fortunate to experience. And yet, something about this weekend tugged at a darker, more complicated place in my heart–a place that is just as part and parcel to the New York experience as cones and puppies and the Park. And I want to share my thoughts with you–I just need some time to articulate it.

On that note, I bid you adieu to let my mind wander and shut down for the night :). I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!


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