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Hello from another breathtaking New York morning! How’s everybody doing? I’m chomping at the bit to get my booty outside, but I thought I’d go ahead and give you a recap of the weekend thus far!

Yesterday morning, I woke up naturally at 7 feeling fantastic after a much-needed night of rest, popped some dried apricots in my mouth for quick fuel and practically skipped my way to the gym!

After a 10-minute walking warmup on the tread, I completed a slightly-modified version of this circuit workout from About.com:




Squat with overhead press—pulse 3x in squat position and press up on 4th pulse 15 7.5
Plyo-jack—jumping jack but land in squat position each time 1 minute
Wall sit/chest squeeze—in wall sit position, press medicine ball out and back 15 7.5
Front kick with squat—squat and kick as you come up 15 each leg
Lunge with lateral raise 15 each leg 5
Low lunges—lunge down instead of ahead, taking weighs to the ground 15 each side 7.5
Plyo-jacks 1 minute


Squat thrusts/burpees 15
Plank 1 minute

 I ♥ circuit workouts! I find them SO much more entertaining than the treadmill or elliptical, and they offer a great combo of strength and cardio. This particular circuit was hard in a good way, focusing mostly on legs/lower body with some intense plyometric work interspersed. I ended up doing two full circuits and a third that didn’t include plyo-jacks (brutal!).

If you’re unsure about any of the moves, click HERE to see the original workout, which includes more extensive descriptions.

After the gym I treated my schweaty self to a delicious iced coffee from the Financier

Whole milk, Splenda, dash of cinnamon and cocoa powder

I gotta feeling iced coffees are here to stay for a while :).

Back home, I pulled a MUCH anticipated bowl of Overnight Oats outta the fridge and doctored it up real good!

At night: Mix 1/3 c oats, 1/3 c plain Greek yogurt, 1/3 c milk and 1 tbs flax seed. Cover and refrigerate. This morning, I added an oozy blob of crunchy pb, honey, frozen banana, and a dash of cinnamon and salt

The ratio for my Overnight Oats base (with slight changes) is courtesy of Kath from KathEatsRealFood, the first blog I ever read and one of my favorites still!

I enjoyed my scrumptious concoction sitting in bed and doin’ a bit o’ blog catch up.

Little darlin’, steer it up!

C’est Magnifique.

After breakfast, I spent a few leisurely hours at my apartment before showering and gettin’ dolled up for the first of many Wedding Warrior Weekends!

Guys–between now and SEPTEMBER, I have something wedding related almost every.single.weekend. They say it comes in waves, and mine is tidal. Thankfully, they’re all for people I love dearly and are taking place in some really fun locations, which you’ll find out about as the summer unfolds :).

Yesterday, I had two bridal shower back to back….aggro. The first was for my sweet darling Frankie who you’ve heard me gush about before, and it took place at her fiance’s STUNNING house in Connecticut. Frances generously offered to pick me up along with some of the other attendees, and we headed out to the ‘burbs around noon!

Frances’s shower was truly a dream. The setting, weather, food and company could not have been better.

Outside of this breathtaking Connecticut home, we soaked up some rays while enjoying mimosas and a fabulous lunch prepared by the mother-of-the groom.  Unfortunately, Nellie and I both had other engagements to go to and we couldn’t stay nearly as long as we would have liked, but it was a treat to be there and share the experience with Frances nonetheless!

We hopped on a 3:30 train and as soon as I got back to the city, I jetted uptown to a faaaancy Upper East Side apartment for my 2nd bridal shower! This shower was for (stay with me) the older sister of my best childhood friend Laura, who I mentioned last weekend.

The shower was such a fun concept–a wine tasting with selections from many of the places that the bride and groom have traveled during their relationship! I didn’t snag any pics, but it was lovely, and I was able to catch up with some people I hadn’t seen since my Baltimore days over a decade ago!

Eventually I got back home, but as soon as I kicked off my heels (HA) flats, I had to freshen up and head downtown to my brother and his fiance’s going-away-gathering at an East Village bar. Jack (brother) is going to UVA business school in the fall, and although I couldn’t be more proud of him, I’m sure as heck gonna miss them both :(.


The going away party was a lotta fun and a great cap to a wonderful but thoroughly exhausting day. I’m pretty pumped to have this whole day ahead of me with nooo obligations before I head down to Animal Haven in the afternoon!

I woke up about an hour ago and made DELICIOUS smoothie using the last of my Amazing Meal packets

Into the mix: 1 packet of Vanilla Chai Amazing grass, 1/3 c Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup milk, 1 tbs peanut butter, 1 tbs flax meal, 2 large ice cubes, 1 frozen banana, dash of cinnamon and Vanilla extract.

This stuff in growing on me FAST. I wanted a Green Monster today but didn’t have any spinach, and then I remembered that Amazing Meal covers the greens category as well as protein! WINNING. It’s still a bit chalkier than Spirutein, but with the right additions it totally hits the spot.

Ok kids, I’m off to enjoy the rest of this fan-flippin’-tastic day! Relish yours as well!


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