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Hello from heavenly Charleston, South Carolina!!!

I am havin’ a ball down here with some of my best girls, and I’ll absolutely be sharing the love with y’all after the weekend!

I wanted to pop by quickly for an important and time-sensitive cause!

If you live in NYC, you might have heard of Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery, located in the foodie-focused East Village neighborhood.

In 2008, Tu-Lu’s lovely owner Tully Phillips was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, and she describes the birth of her bakery as a result of this discovery:

The line of products I had the most difficulty replacing was baked goods. I was able to find products at bakeries offering wheat-free alternatives, but they never tasted the same as the cookies and cupcakes I was used to. So I started Tu-lu’s Bakery in early 2009 to create gluten-free baked goods that taste just as delicious as products containing wheat. After experimenting with different blends of flours in my kitchen at home, I finally came up with recipes for cookies, brownies and cupcakes that everyone can enjoy.

I have sampled multiple baked goods from Tu-Lu’s, including the cupcakes and brownies, and have been consistently blown away by how delicious they are. They easily compare to, if not trump, many of the regular ole’ wheat-based bakeries in the city.

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Tully (pictured above) and found out that she is applying for a Mission: Small Business Grant for her new Tu-Lu’s bakery in Dallas, Texas.

The kicker? Voting ends TONIGHT!!!

Not only are Tu-Lu’s products fresh, high-quality and absolutely scrumptious, but with the seemingly exponential rise of allergies and intolerances, I believe that businesses like hers are a crucial addition to the culinary industry. No one should have to miss out on dessert because of a dietary restriction!

Equal Opportunity Cupcakes!

So if you have a few moments today, I strongly encourage you to take the time and VOTE for Tully!

It seriously takes less than a minute to vote, and you’ll have done a good deed for the day!

Here’s all you have to do:
1. Go to MissionSmallBusiness.com
2. Log in with Facebook
3. Search “Tu-Lu’s” or Bakery in Dallas, TX
4. Vote!

I just voted, and I wish Tully all the luck on her goal. Selfishly, as a city dweller and dessert fanatic, I want to make sure that Tu-Lu’s has everything it needs to keep up the amazing work!


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It’s drilled into our heads from childhood—adequate sleep, usually estimated at 7-8 hrs per night, is crucial to your health.

We should also know this by listening to our bodies as they respond to a lack of sleep. Our moods, appetite, ability to focus, and susceptibility to illness (you take it from here!) are all affected when we miss some serious Z’s.

Yet, somehow, modern man and woman have gotten remarkably adept at ignoring these flashing lights and pushing through exhaustion. Young people in particular have a knack for employing the “fake it till you make it” method of staying awake. Aided by caffeine, alcohol, 5-Hour Energys and myriad other bizarre substances, my generation defies the biological clock and makes nighttime its play…or work!…ground on a regular basis.

Not only do we make time work for us, but we get away with it virtually scott-free, managing to maintain this lifestyle for years on end. Sure, we may need an extra coffee (or two) at the office and a night of rest here and there, but for the most part, we’re Energizer Bunnies—onto the next!

But are we actually as clever, as sleep-immune as we think?

I’m not a late-night partier and my job doesn’t require evening work (post 6-6:30), but I am a terrible sleeper. A HORRIBLE sleeper. It takes me forever to fall asleep, and lately I’ve been waking up at dawn for no apparently reason. I’ve muscled through many-a-day at the office on 3-4 hours, and I take pride in an ability to keep my tired-ass feelings to myself.

My sleep problems are greatly exacerbated when I’m sharing a bed or in a foreign bed, and this has caused me no small amount of angst heading into such a travel-filled summer.

As the hours ticked by on my nightmarish journey to Palm Beach this past Friday, I promised myself that I wouldn’t let my exhaustion affect me once I arrived. I’d be the perfect guest and friend, and no one would see me closing my eyes while pretending to read the menu.

The show must….go…o–…..

Whelp, that was shot to poo when 1) I COULDN’T FALL ASLEEP WHEN I FINALLY GOT TO THE HOTEL. Probably didn’t drift off till 5:30 am. 2) My roommates understandably awoke around 8:30 am on Saturday morning to get the day started.

Normally…pretty much always…I am an EARLY bird like you read about. Normally, I would have been thrilled to have their morning companionship, even after a skimpy night’s sleep.

Not this time. This time, a swimming pool of Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups couldn’t have bribed me to be kind about my disrupted slumber….and surely as the day is long, I pulled on my sassypants and SNAPPED at my friends…multiple times (*CRINGGGEEEE*). For what?! For talking. For opening the curtains.


I also found myself heading up to my hotel room between the wedding and the reception to catch a quick kitty nap. I was SO disappointed to be missing out, but I knew I’d be even more of a crabby patty if I didn’t rest a bit.

The fun of the night ended up bolstering my energy until about 1 am, but I found myself crashing before every else and grudgingly took myself to bed. When my lovely roommate and friend Christina came in later to pack for her insanely early flight, I was snitty with her AGAIN about the lights being on!

Christina, I’m so sorry for my spicy tongue :(.

Better days (because of shorter nights)

In retrospect, I feel horrible about the way my exhaustion affected my mood and controlled my schedule over the weekend. BUT, I’m gonna opt for a cold class of lemonade instead, and try to use the experience as an opportunity to REMEMBER THE IMPORTANCE OF SLEEP!

Seriously, you can’t always fight the feelin’, but moreover, you shouldn’t fight! The effects of sleeplessness are analogous to those of some diseases and even to extreme pain—you’re truly NOT YOURSELF when you haven’t slept.

So next time you find yourself out on the town, ordering dinner at the office, piddling on the computer, or itching for another early morning workout, ask yourself if you actually want to be awake?! Check in with yourself, and FEEL whether or not you could use an extra hour.

Women want to do it all, and we think we can do it all. I’d argue that we hate asking for help even more than men!

But we’re doing ourselves and our loved ones a disservice in the end. So be a little selfish—tell that blinking screen, third cocktail or empty treadmill NO, and get a solid night’s sleep.

I can almost guarantee you won’t regret it!

And fittingly on that note, I have GOT to get my booty to bed, as I have a 4:30 am pickup for JFK airport tomorrow! Wish me better travel luck on this weekend’s getaway!

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Hi guys! I cannot believe I’m already preparing for my next weekend adventure, but the time flies when!

I’m honestly counting down the hours until my, erm, FOUR AM pick up this Friday morning, which’ll take me to JFK then onto Charleston, South Carolina for my bestie Frankie’s bachelorette weekend!!!!

Charleston is a dream city of mine—I’m in love with everything I know about it and have always felt a hankerin’ to move there one day.

When you put it that way…

Combine that with a beach house, a cold Blue Moon and my favorite gals…yep, now you’re on my program :).

My eats the last two days have been  extra super-duper yummy, so for today’s WIAW, I thought I’d do a lil’ combo, highlighting the best of!

If you’re new to What I Ate Wednesday, you gotta get in the game! This awesome concept was started by Jen over at Peas and Crayons, and I highly suggest scoping it out to learn more. Such a fun and inspirational weekly blogger “event”!

Here goes!

Yesterday’s Bfast: this meal! Whole wheat English muffin with almond AND regular buttah, sandwiched into doughy heaven post-pic. Plain Chobani with sliced banana, honey, cinnamon and a sprinkle of Kashi Go Lean Crunch! So filling and SO yummy.

Lunch Today: Switchin’ it up and it feels tastes so good! Falafel in a magnificently doughy whole wheat pita. Can’t get enough dough! This was enormous and I did NOT anticipate taking the entire sucker down.

Oh me of little faith. Halfway to the finish line!

Two Oreos with milky tea as a pat on the back 🙂

My first fruitful afternoon:Bowl of the sweetest, juiciest ORGANIC LOCAL cherries everrrr. I had this x2!

And my 2nd! Never gets old!

Yesterday’s Snack: In the running for potential new favorite! Harvest Cheddar Multigrain Sunchips and Cottage cheese. Been craving savory snacks way more?!

Train snack both days, plus a handful of nuts while running out of the office. [uhh just had an imagine of lycra-clad almonds making their personal bests around my office]

The current theme of WIAW is Sensible Snacking, and I’ve been more conscious of my snack choices as a result.

I don’t advocate eating processed foods, but variety truly is the spice of life, and sometimes you just gotta go for what sounds good. So, although some might argue that my Sunchips and Oreos weren’t super healthy, I believe they fit squarely into my idea of an overall healthy lifestyle (ok, I’d let them have the Oreos).

Seeewwww, you may be wondering how my aforementioned DATE went last night….

Best way to sum it up? The quality of the food purty accurately reflects the quality of my time with this particular gentleman :).

To begin with, he chose a killer restaurant for our meal! I’d heard fabulous things about Piadina Restaurant from my West Village-dwelling friend Hillery, but had never wound up there myself.

As soon as we walked in, I knew the spot was right up my alley. Cozy, quiet and rustic, I felt like a traveler abroad in the Italian countryside, going tete-a-tete with a handsome foreigner.

Ti adoro!

Our menu choices only served the perpetuate the fantasy—simply made with fresh ingredients, each dish was more delicious than the next.

Unfortunately, I was too nervy beans to take pictures at first, and our appetizers didn’t make the cut. To begin, we shared a salad of arugula, strawberries, pine nuts and goat cheese (perfect) and a bowl of mussels. My date brilliantly requested a side of bread, and we took full advantage sopping up the leftover garlicky mussel broth!

From my previous due-diligence, I knew that Piadina is touted for its house-made pasta, and one look a the day’s specials made my order choice reeallll easy:

Pappardelle with Lamb Ragu: Midway through our entrees, my sweet date acknowledged my blog and said he was totally comfortable with my snapping pics. What a guy!

I’m a SUCKER for ragus, and holy macaroni was this delicious!

I mean really, is there anything better than a forkful of warm, fresh-made pasta with rich, tender chunks of meat? Methinks not!

And apparently, hethinks not also, and ordered something quite similar:

Tagliatelle with Beef Ragu! Also totally delicious, but I preferred my choice…and he preferred his! Win-win 🙂

I nearly polished off my entire steaming plate of pasta, but I’m glad I didn’t have it in me, because this DUDE suggested hitting up the nearby, famous gelateria Grom after dinner (g’luck deciphering the website)! I’d been wanting to try Grom forever and was thrilled to continue our Italian overseas adventure!

PEOPLE—I can hands down say that I tried the BEST/my FAVORITE ice cream flavor of all time last night.

I ordered a trio and they were all scrumptious, but one-of-these-things-was-NOT-like-the-other

Bottom: Dark chocolate cherry. Right: Dark chocolate hazelnut….Top: Crema Di Grom *** with battifollo biscuits and colombian chocolate chips

That gorgeous, buttery-colored CREMA DI GROM knocked.my.sandals.off. Subtly sweet and milky in flavor, the silken, creamy texture finds its match  in chewy chunks of cookie (a gingerbread/shortbread hybrid).

I could eat this ice cream for days…recklessly….with abandon….for every meal. Cannot WAIT to find another opportunity to head to this neighborhood for a Crema fix!

The Boy ordered strawberry sorbet and double dark chocolate, both of which were wonderful, but I don’t think I could ever deviate.

All in all, the mouthwatering food and fantastic company made for a truly special night, and I went to bed a very full and very happy girl :).

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Happy Tuesday BeanieBumbles Babies!

This week is NUTTY for me, but I wanted to share this lil’ gem of a workout with you before I head out on a d-d-d-DATE!

I created this quickie circuit routine during my interminable tarmac wait (round 1) this past Friday. I’d packed gym attire for the weekend, assuming that the hotel would have an exercise facility and that a good sweat might feel nice after an afternoon of travel.

When that “afternoon” turned into over 1/2 a day of travel, getting my blood pumpin’ on Saturday went from pleasantly option to crucial.

Two criteria ended up shaping this workout: 1) I wanted something effective but short—bare minimum to avoid missing  precious time with my pals! 2) I had no clue if weights would be available, so I needed moves that wouldn’t require them.

Traveling Ten Circuit Workout 

Repeat each of the following for 1 minute. Complete 2-3x

Jump Squats

Plyo-Jacks (Jumping Jack landing in a squat position)


Alternating lunges

Hip lifts (lie on back and slowly lift pelvic bone to the ceiling and gently back down)

Side Plank (hold for 30 seconds on each side)

High knees


Bicycle crunches

Mountain Climbers

When I managed to navigate my way to the Breakers fitness center, I was pleasantly surprised to find my friends Rachael and Schuyler already there!  I’ve shown Rach a few of my workouts before and she volunteered to try a few of these moves with me!

I jogged in place for about a minute just to get my bones warmed up a bit, then Rach and I completed three full sets of this baby (Rach cheered me on for some of it :))

This workout was exactly what I was looking for.  It was tough enough to make me sweat and give me energy, instead of leaving me totally drained. Plus, the combination of moves offered strength and cardio TLC to all the main parts of m’bod. Will def be keeping this circuit handy throughout my summer travels!

I left the gym feeling infinitely more ready to face and enjoy Brenna’s special day, despite my 4 hrs of sleep.

Gym companions! Schuyler left, Rach right. It appears the Traveling 10 had a slightly different effect on her.

Ok guys, I’m off to meet a handsome feller at what sounds like a really fabulous restaurant! (Discreet) updates tomorrow!

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Hi guys!!! Ya miss me?! I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend, despite the nutty weather that’s been sweeping the East Coast these past few days!

This weekend I traveled to Palm Beach, Fl. to watch my beautiful friend Brenna get married at the stunning Breakers Hotel!

“Traveled” doesn’t really do my journey justice, however.

“Traveled” seems to imply one relatively contiguous journey—a sensible, point A to point B mission. And that’s not quite what I (and Nellie, her bf Eli and a friend who ‘traveled’ with us) experienced….

On Friday, we were put to the test to see just how badly we wanted to get to this wedding. Ready for it?

  • 2:30 pm: Our flight is scheduled to arrive in PBI at 5:30.  A FIFTEEN minute storm rolls in once we’ve boarded, and we are delayed on the tarmac.
  • 5:30 pm: We are delayed on the tarmac so long… three hours to be exact…that we are forced to exit the plane and wait in the terminal due to the new Passenger Bill of Rights.
  • 6:30 pm: Wait in the airport for approximately an hour, frantic and borderline in tears, until it is announced that our flight is cancelled. Eli is brilliant and waits in the NEED HELP (!) line during this time. And need it we do.
  • 7:00 pm: Fiddle impatiently while the Delta rep crunches numbers. Finally: our only option? A flight to FORT MYERS, FL. In case you don’t know (I didn’t and should have been sitting down), Fort Meyers is on the opposite side of the state from Palm Beach.
  • 8:00 pm: We go for it anyway. While we rush to our new flight, Nellie’s parents (bless them) get on the horn with Hertz and set us up with a rental car.
  • 10:30 pm: 2 Hour delay on Fort Myers flight. Finally get our butts off of NYC ground after another 1.5 hrs on tarmac. I am about to start breathing into my barf bag.
  • 1:00 am: Land in Fort Myers
  • 1:30 am: Retrieve rental car from Hertz and champion Nellie drives her delirious passengers to Palm Beach, Florida.
  • 4:30 am: Arrive at Breakers hotel. Memories are scattered and intermittent. What I do know? Hell nor high water could have stopped me from diving into that big marshmallow bed.

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it—this was one of the most miserable travel experiences of my life.

So you might ask, was it worth it? Well, why don’t you be the judge...

Trolley ride to the ceremony, which was simple and beautiful.

Tuna tartare hors d’oeuvres at cocktail reception

First dance before dinner is served in the ballroom.

I want to note that I love all of my friends and believe each is marvelous in her own way, but Brenna…this bride…is one of the sweetest, strongest, most generous and loving people I have ever met. And by society’s standards, she has every reason not to be— outrageously beautiful, smart, successful AND kind to boot? You betcha. Like this wedding, you almost have to see it to believe it.

Because of this, watching Brenna’s dreams come to life and her utter joy was so incredibly gratifying! I really and truly relished her happiness.

Aaaand the four course dinner, which was HANDS DOWN the BEST wedding food I’ve experienced. The presentation and service alone woulda knocked my socks off and made up for average wedding fare. But every single bite was absolutely scrumptious!

A Trio of Crab! The fried cake on the right, served with a fruity salsa and some sort of aoli, was my favorite!

Doughy multigrain roll and soooffftttt buttah

Champagne and Sauvignon? Don’t mind if I do!

Mixed greens, sliced strawberries and watermelon, candied cashews and a tangy/sweet vinaigrette. YUM!

The real stunner: Miso-glazed Chilean Seabass over creamy mashed potatoes. This was some of the best fish I’ve had in a long time–it practically melted as my fork cut into it, and I could DRINK the glaze that came on top. Clean Plate Club gold member on this one.

This pictures does NOT do the size of this love-cup justice! It was a CHALICE and every single piece was edible! A few of the contents? Ice cream trio of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry with whipped cream, a while chocolate straw, and mini chocolate cups filled with toppings like crushed Oreos and sprinkles. Even though we were stuffed from dinner, we all dug into these babies!

Tuxedo strawberries. Whoever decorated these, infinite kudos.

[Apologies for the artsy chiaroscuro pic]. To top it all off? FUNFETTI WEDDING CAKE!!!!!   I.Mean.How.Cool.And.Delicious.

The structure of dinner was sheer genius, in my opinion. The bride and groom had picked out an incredible band, and they started up for a few killers songs between each course. Not only did it give the servers a chance to clear our plates and bring on the next treat, but it let us burn off some of the energy we’d just consumed and make room for the rest!

I didn’t take too many pictures of the dancing and after party, but if the meal above is any indication, it was an experience of a life time. Every single detail had been cared for, crafted to absolute perfection, and I think we all felt a bit like princesses honoring our queen!

Fair maidens!

I just feel so incredibly grateful that Brenna wanted me to be a part of her magical weekend, and I wish her and her handsome hubby a continued fairytale!

So, judges, was the nightmare worth the dream?

I feel safe assuming that your verdict is a RESOUNDING YES! No contest.

Before I letcha go, I want to share a few travel eats that helped my sanity and my wallet get through the weekend!

Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Ice. Our friend Preston drinks these all the time, and they tasted fabulous to Nellie and I circa THREE AM on Saturday morning. I adore this flavor and will definitely be sneaking it in as the occasional treat!

Airport salvation in the form of Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cups. Be still my heart. I will be proudly purchasing these as the NON-occasional treat.

I 100% believe in enjoying the fruits of your particular environment when on vacation. However–with the summer events stretching out before me, I really need to cut costs where I can. So I bought some TJs whole wheat English muffins, almond butter packets and unpictured Grab the Gold bars to get me through the mornings. Ain’t no shame in this game!

Alrighty kids, I’m off to keep catching up from this zany and fabulous weekend! Feels good to be back on your screens :).

Have a wonderful Monday night!

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What happens when you take the most famous flavor duo of the Western culinary world, and marry it to the heavyweight champion of grandma’s kitchen?

You black out. And wake up to the smell of….

Peanut Butter and Jelly Banana Bread!

A few days ago, I had some ole’ bananas on their last legs and a serious baking itch, but I didn’t want to have to buy any new ingredients. And for some reason, a recently purchased container of Trader Joe’s crunchy pb was also singing it’s siren song to me…

I think I searched “Peanut Butter Loaf” on Tastespotting.com (get in the game), started browsing the search results, and found THIS vegan recipe for pb&j banana bread!

It looked fabulous, sounded simple and was perfectly tailored to my current pantry!

When you know, you know.

Ohhhhh boyyyy, this is a doozie!

I think I actually heard music when I took my first bite of this bread. ‘Course I’m biased, since I’d eat pb&j if it were sandwiched in sheetrock, but I’m pretty sure this luscious loaf will appeal to just about anyone!



  • 2 cups whole wheat flour (I only have WW right now, but you can use all-purpose or a mixture if you like)
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 3 large, uber-ripe bananas
  • 1/2 cup light brown sugar (decreased from 1 cup and it was still PLENTY sweet)
  • 1/2 cup natural peanut butter
  • 1/3 milk (I used almond)
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider or white vinegar
  • 1/2 cup good quality jam


Heat oven to 350 F. Generously butter a 9″ x 4″ loaf pan, and set aside.

In a medium bowl, whisk together flours, baking soda, and sea salt. Set aside.

In a large bowl, smash together bananas, sugar, and peanut butter until well combined. Add milk and vinegar, and whisk again to combine.

My favorite flavors. Plus sugar. Oh spoon, you willing enabler!

Using a spatula, gently fold in the dry mixture, stirring until no streaks of flour remain. Lumps are ok and don’t overmix! Pour batter into prepared pan, smoothing the top.

Dollop jam over the top, and use a sharp knife to try to marbelize it into the batter (this didn’t go so well for me).

If someone figures out how to do this correctly, I’m all (green) ears

Transfer to oven, and bake for 60-70 minutes, or until a knife inserted near the center comes out free of batter (don’t confuse batter with jam!). Cool on a wire rack for 15 minutes, then run a knife or spatula around the side and turn out to cool completely.

This bread came out even more delicious than I possibly could have anticipated, and my expectations were SKKKYYY HIGH with such a slammin’ ingredient list!

Plus it’s dern healthy t’boot!

I’ve been munching on this bread everywhichaway and at every opportunity I can finagle.

pre-commute snack, lightly toasted with buttah

Post-workout energy boost with Protein Frosting 2.0

Just making good that much better. Tonight’s dessert!

I’m so pumped to be able to add this recipe to my baking lineup, and I’m thinkin’ this will be my new go-to for potlucks and such. A triumvirate of peanut butter, jelly and banana in one perfectly moist, sweet and heart-healthy loaf?!

It’s almost unfair.

Almost :).

I’m off to get my beauty rest because I have a verrryyyy exciting weekend coming up! One of my dearest friends is getting married in Florida, and I am just ITCHING to get myself to the beach!

I probably won’t have a chance to post again until Monday, but I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll be sure to capture my fun in the sun for ya!

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Before we get goin’ I want to give a shout out to my gorgeous best girlfriend on her birthday!

Happy Birthday, Nellie!!!

Since our first year of college, Nellie’s been right by my side through a lotta good, a lotta bad, and all the wacky and confusing in between! Our friendship is raw, strong and beautiful after everything we’ve experienced together, and I am unbelievably thankful to have her in my life. Yin to my yang in the best possible way :).

Aforementioned “in between”

Aaaannndd now it’s time for another rousing round of WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY!!!

If you’re not familiar with WIAW, click HERE to jump on over to Jen’s blog Peas and Crayons and check it out!

WIAW means something slightly different to every blogger and reader, but for me, it’s a way to review my own “dietary” (I HATE the connotations of that word) habits in a non-judgmental, objective way, and potentially exclude or incorporate new eats into my life.

It’s also a fun, voyeuristic peek into the foodie lives of other bloggers, and I’ve picked up some great tips and recipes through their WIAW posts!

The current WIAW theme is Sensible Snacking, which made today a interesting day to ‘record’, as I was continually peckish after lunch despite or because of the snacks I chose?!

So let’s get snackin’!

Mickey Mouse Breakfast: Whole wheat English muffin with butter and almond butter. Chobani plain Greek yogurt with honey, cinnamon and LOCAL ORGANIC cherries! Heavenly little bursts of sweetness!

I ended up eating another spoonful of almond butter after taking this down—amazing how much more filling a banana is (my usual yogurt add-in) than other kinds of fruit!

Crisp veggies with balsamic vinaigrette and a deeelectable sandwich I concocted: Two sliced hard-boiled eggs, whipped Philly cream cheese, sliced baby tomatoes and pesto mayo on toasted multigrain. This was lipsmackin’ good–will definitely be recreating.

This was followed by a 1-2-3 Chocolate Cake ball, but honestly they’re sooo unappealing when pottyphotographed, I just couldn’t bear to SOIL my post with it! Hehe.

Bowl of ripe, fragrant ‘loupe

Ok, so here’s where the snacking got tricky. Due to the stifling/come-to-mama-and-never-leave heat (Laura lizard?), I was craving something cool when my tummy began a-rumblin’ around 3:30, and cereal sounded absolutely perfect.

Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Puffins in Vanilla Soy Milk

I poured myself a hefty cup, and the Kashi and Soy milk technically provided me with more protein than some of my other usual snacks…

Yet, for some reason, I was ravenous an hour later!

Salty roasted almonds and a lone cashew

AND an hour after THIS!

Eaten on the train home. Usually does the trick…

And even though I didn’t hit the gym tonight, I was still so hungry after the peanut butter granola bar that I scarfed down a banana in Grand Central. What was going on here!?

This was actually like the world’s most perfect banana. A Banana Best in Show. Thank you, Dishes!

Perhaps I should attribute my hunger in part to the heat, since it definitely takes more energy to operate in extreme temps, but my grumbling gut tells me that it was my afternoon snack choice of CEREAL!

I adore cereal, and it tasted delicious going down, but it just does not fill me up! I feel like I could eat 5 bowls of it and still be unsatisfied. Anyone else experience this? So many people I know eat a small bowl of cereal for breakfast each morning, and it boggles my mind that they’re not chewing their hands off an hour later.

My theory behind the why of this cereal phenomenon is more than I wanna go into now, but suffice it to say I’m pretty sure that my cold, crunchy bowl set me behind for the rest of the afternoon!

Eventually I made it home and had a surprisingly filling salad for dinner that totally hit the spot.

Picture does NOT do this yummy salad justice. Spinach, grilled chicken, toasted walnuts, blue cheese, dried cranberries and cukes with tomato basil vinaigrette. Sooo good.

I just ended my WIAW Round 7 with the perfect nightcap to such a steamy New York day!

Breyer’s Vanilla with drippy crunchy pb and cinnamon 🙂

Breyer’s Natural Vanilla is hands-down one of my favorite store bought ice creams. Look at this amazing ingredient list:


Counted on one hand. Simple and real is (almost) always better!

Hope you enjoyed this Wednedsay’s eats, and I would love to hear your opinion on why you think I was so much hungrier in the afternoon after a typical breakfast/lunch?

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