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Hi guys!!! Ya miss me?! I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend, despite the nutty weather that’s been sweeping the East Coast these past few days!

This weekend I traveled to Palm Beach, Fl. to watch my beautiful friend Brenna get married at the stunning Breakers Hotel!

“Traveled” doesn’t really do my journey justice, however.

“Traveled” seems to imply one relatively contiguous journey—a sensible, point A to point B mission. And that’s not quite what I (and Nellie, her bf Eli and a friend who ‘traveled’ with us) experienced….

On Friday, we were put to the test to see just how badly we wanted to get to this wedding. Ready for it?

  • 2:30 pm: Our flight is scheduled to arrive in PBI at 5:30.  A FIFTEEN minute storm rolls in once we’ve boarded, and we are delayed on the tarmac.
  • 5:30 pm: We are delayed on the tarmac so long… three hours to be exact…that we are forced to exit the plane and wait in the terminal due to the new Passenger Bill of Rights.
  • 6:30 pm: Wait in the airport for approximately an hour, frantic and borderline in tears, until it is announced that our flight is cancelled. Eli is brilliant and waits in the NEED HELP (!) line during this time. And need it we do.
  • 7:00 pm: Fiddle impatiently while the Delta rep crunches numbers. Finally: our only option? A flight to FORT MYERS, FL. In case you don’t know (I didn’t and should have been sitting down), Fort Meyers is on the opposite side of the state from Palm Beach.
  • 8:00 pm: We go for it anyway. While we rush to our new flight, Nellie’s parents (bless them) get on the horn with Hertz and set us up with a rental car.
  • 10:30 pm: 2 Hour delay on Fort Myers flight. Finally get our butts off of NYC ground after another 1.5 hrs on tarmac. I am about to start breathing into my barf bag.
  • 1:00 am: Land in Fort Myers
  • 1:30 am: Retrieve rental car from Hertz and champion Nellie drives her delirious passengers to Palm Beach, Florida.
  • 4:30 am: Arrive at Breakers hotel. Memories are scattered and intermittent. What I do know? Hell nor high water could have stopped me from diving into that big marshmallow bed.

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it—this was one of the most miserable travel experiences of my life.

So you might ask, was it worth it? Well, why don’t you be the judge...

Trolley ride to the ceremony, which was simple and beautiful.

Tuna tartare hors d’oeuvres at cocktail reception

First dance before dinner is served in the ballroom.

I want to note that I love all of my friends and believe each is marvelous in her own way, but Brenna…this bride…is one of the sweetest, strongest, most generous and loving people I have ever met. And by society’s standards, she has every reason not to be— outrageously beautiful, smart, successful AND kind to boot? You betcha. Like this wedding, you almost have to see it to believe it.

Because of this, watching Brenna’s dreams come to life and her utter joy was so incredibly gratifying! I really and truly relished her happiness.

Aaaand the four course dinner, which was HANDS DOWN the BEST wedding food I’ve experienced. The presentation and service alone woulda knocked my socks off and made up for average wedding fare. But every single bite was absolutely scrumptious!

A Trio of Crab! The fried cake on the right, served with a fruity salsa and some sort of aoli, was my favorite!

Doughy multigrain roll and soooffftttt buttah

Champagne and Sauvignon? Don’t mind if I do!

Mixed greens, sliced strawberries and watermelon, candied cashews and a tangy/sweet vinaigrette. YUM!

The real stunner: Miso-glazed Chilean Seabass over creamy mashed potatoes. This was some of the best fish I’ve had in a long time–it practically melted as my fork cut into it, and I could DRINK the glaze that came on top. Clean Plate Club gold member on this one.

This pictures does NOT do the size of this love-cup justice! It was a CHALICE and every single piece was edible! A few of the contents? Ice cream trio of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry with whipped cream, a while chocolate straw, and mini chocolate cups filled with toppings like crushed Oreos and sprinkles. Even though we were stuffed from dinner, we all dug into these babies!

Tuxedo strawberries. Whoever decorated these, infinite kudos.

[Apologies for the artsy chiaroscuro pic]. To top it all off? FUNFETTI WEDDING CAKE!!!!!   I.Mean.How.Cool.And.Delicious.

The structure of dinner was sheer genius, in my opinion. The bride and groom had picked out an incredible band, and they started up for a few killers songs between each course. Not only did it give the servers a chance to clear our plates and bring on the next treat, but it let us burn off some of the energy we’d just consumed and make room for the rest!

I didn’t take too many pictures of the dancing and after party, but if the meal above is any indication, it was an experience of a life time. Every single detail had been cared for, crafted to absolute perfection, and I think we all felt a bit like princesses honoring our queen!

Fair maidens!

I just feel so incredibly grateful that Brenna wanted me to be a part of her magical weekend, and I wish her and her handsome hubby a continued fairytale!

So, judges, was the nightmare worth the dream?

I feel safe assuming that your verdict is a RESOUNDING YES! No contest.

Before I letcha go, I want to share a few travel eats that helped my sanity and my wallet get through the weekend!

Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Ice. Our friend Preston drinks these all the time, and they tasted fabulous to Nellie and I circa THREE AM on Saturday morning. I adore this flavor and will definitely be sneaking it in as the occasional treat!

Airport salvation in the form of Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cups. Be still my heart. I will be proudly purchasing these as the NON-occasional treat.

I 100% believe in enjoying the fruits of your particular environment when on vacation. However–with the summer events stretching out before me, I really need to cut costs where I can. So I bought some TJs whole wheat English muffins, almond butter packets and unpictured Grab the Gold bars to get me through the mornings. Ain’t no shame in this game!

Alrighty kids, I’m off to keep catching up from this zany and fabulous weekend! Feels good to be back on your screens :).

Have a wonderful Monday night!


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